China Institute of Competitive Intelligence
China Institutes of Competitive Intelligence (CICI) was founded in 2002. We are the premier consulting and competitive intelligence training company in china.
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The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is a global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Our mission is to enhance the success of our members through leadership, education, advocacy, and networking.
Specifically, SCIP provides education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the rapidly growing field of competitive intelligence (the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of business competitors). Many SCIP members have backgrounds in market research, strategic analysis, or science and technology.
Established in 1986, today SCIP has chapters around the world, with individual members in nations around the globe. In addition, SCIP has alliance partnerships with independent affiliate organizations in many countries.


   Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Dow Jones & Company is a subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS, NWS.A; ASX: NWS, NWSLV; Dow Jones is a leading provider of global business news and information services. Its Consumer Media Group publishes The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, MarketWatch and the Far Eastern Economic Review. Its Enterprise Media Group includes Dow Jones Newswires, Factiva, Dow Jones Client Solutions, Dow Jones Indexes and Dow Jones Financial Information Services. Its Local Media Group operates community-based information franchises. Dow Jones owns 50% of SmartMoney and 33% of Stoxx Ltd. and provides news content to radio stations in the U.S. Since 1882, the Dow Jones name has been synonymous with accuracy, integrity and trust.


AVOS Life Sciences, LLC

AVOS Life Sciences is a boutique advisory and research products firm headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC with offices in New York and New Jersey. We specialize in developing and maintaining leading edge understanding of the evolving global healthcare environment and helping clients position themselves to win in the future. Typical Engagements cover core healthcare markets within developed geographies as well as growth opportunities within emerging markets. Recent engagements include activity within markets such as China, India, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.
AVOS has recently released a broad range of TMO (Therapeutic Market Outlook) Reports on Obesity, Asthma/COPD, Diabetes, Antidepressants, Insomnia and Lipid Modulating Agents and is well placed to provide clients with customized on any other core and/or emerging therapeutic class. We define our success by offering clients value through taking on high impact issues and providing actionable recommendations.
Our insight and guidance is supplied through a series of research products that focus on key strategic issues and through consulting engagements structured to work closely with client teams to respond to their specific needs. Our intent is to build a knowledge rich organization that has its foundations in collaboration and learning.
To learn more about our capabilities and specifically what value it can add and create for your organization and business, please visit our website


   Adler Life Sciences, LLC

Adler Life Sciences is a boutique competitive intelligence firm for the Life Science Industry located in New Jersey. We solely specialize in providing forward looking competitive intelligence information and business intelligence technology solutions for our clients. Adler Life Sciences is a registered member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Our specialization in Life Science enables us to provide, maintain and develop industry leading competitive intelligence services to help you to win in an ever increasing competitive environment on a national and global level.
Adler Life Sciences Strength is founded in having the right people working for you with long-term experience in the global Life Science Industry.
We honor client confidentiality and ensure the highest possible value creation via state of the art Competitive Intelligence processes and innovative tools and applications developed exclusively for our clients. Compared to well establish professions, such as Marketing, Competitive Intelligence is a rather new profession and capability, which emerged in the 1980’s.
Adler Life Sciences Is committed to the development of the Competitive Intelligence Life Science industry and proactively invests into developing industry leading Competitive Intelligence Excellence.
To learn more about Business and Competitive Intelligence and specifically what value it can add and create for your organization and business, please visit our website


 Aurora WDC

Aurora WDC is a worldwide competitive intelligence think tank, consulting firm, research and analysis bureau helping clients of all kinds optimize their intelligence apparatus to serve decision makers more effectively.
Since 1995, Aurora WDC has provided best-in-class monitoring and commissioned competitive analysis, market research and market intelligence services supporting strategic planning, competitive strategy, merger and acquisition, product development, intellectual property, sales effectiveness and business development activities to clients worldwide.
Aurora's customers number among the most respected firms in industries including aerospace and defense, telecom, semiconductors, computer software and hardware, retail and wholesale trade, household and consumer products, financial services, banking and insurance, healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, entertainment and publishing, energy and mining, airline, automotive and transportation.
Aurora also provides tactical conference and trade show intelligence support, as well as counterintelligence consulting and training to prevent industrial espionage and competitor intelligence activities conducted against its clients.


 SRS Intelligence

SRS Intelligence is a management-consulting firm that since 1993 supports executives's decision-making with high-quality, targeted intelligence from human and documentary sources all over the world.
SRS Intelligence is knowledge for making the right decisions in marketing & sales, procurement, M&A, executive recruiting, legal, and all other areas.
SRS Intelligence is high-quality, targeted intelligence that answers specific questions on competitive and other business issues. It is based on verified information from all relevant documents and especially from real people involved in real business situations all over the world. SRS Intelligence includes knowledge about "off-the-balance-sheet" issues. It changes the odds in your favor. See SRS Intelligence.
SRS Intelligence is a proven process and powerful methodology that supports business decision-making by uncovering important, hard-to-get information and transforming it into useful knowledge.
We reach and tap with our sophisticated techniques many and varied human and documentary sources all over the world. Documentary sources go beyond easily-available digital material. Human sources include your own employees, customers, suppliers, and channel members; your competitors and their customers, suppliers, and channel members; industry observers; government officials; and all the other persons who know what you need to know.


 Fusion Consulting

Fusion Consulting is a business research and consulting firm specialising in the Asia-Pacific region that really understands your business, and delivers strategic, timely and affordable market intelligence, competitive intelligence and consultancy.
With an operating model that is both lean and in-market, Fusion coordinates over 400 industry consultants living and working across the entire region, from hub offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.
Our industry practices aim to be your partner of choice for pragmatic strategies tailored to your business and markets.Our broad range of multinational and Asian clients is testament to the high quality of our work. Clients include BASF, Unilever, American Express, Hitachi, Nokia, Novartis and Walt Disney, all of whom have benefited from the transfer of knowledge to become more successful in the Asia-Pacific region.
In response to demand from our clients, we will continue to recruit quality people, expand our consultant base and establish offices in Asian hubs.